Better recycling
Better recycling
starts at home.
Left over paint
Leftover paint?
No problem.
Your last step
Your last step
in landscaping.
Take a slice out
Take a slice out
of food waste.
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Ramsey Recycles helps Ramsey County residents reduce waste and recycle better.

Ramsey Recycles is a campaign run by Ramsey County to increase awareness around household recycling and free residential collection and drop off sites located throughout the county. These include yard waste collection sites, food scraps drop off, medicine collection sites, the Product Reuse Center and the household hazardous waste permanent and mobile collection sites.

Learn how to properly dispose of items using the A to Z Recycling & Disposal Guide.

Passionate about recycling?

Become a Ramsey County Recycling Ambassador.

Learn how to
dispose of medicine.

Food: Too Good to Waste

Learn how to cut down
on wasted food.